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The ICHM-Team

The ICHM Team Germany is an interdisciplinary team of alternative medical doctors, neuroscientists, naturopaths, nutritionists, stress management trainers, sports scientists, music pedagogues, and other specialists. Our expertise lies in the delivery of holistic workshops, lectures, and seminars, as well as coaching on the subject of health prevention in corporate health management.

Our overall concept, vision and mission is based on value-oriented leadership!  

Sustainable, value- and health-oriented change can have a positive effect in any company or institution.

Over the past few years, we have travelled to numerous countries on business. Our experiences abroad have provided us with a more comprehensive understanding of different work environments. Our passion for learning about new people, their stories, and foreign cultures drives us to improve companies, society, and the environment in a sustainable manner, with a good dose of humor. 

Elke A. Jacobs-Sharma
Corporate Health Manager | Naturopath | Nutrition Coach

She is a guest lecturer at various international universities and educational institutions. As an expert in Asian and Western naturopathic medicine and holistic nutrition coaching, Therapist for women's health, eye health and sports health balance, she is frequently consulted on specialized topics. She has developed a novel, simple method for effective relaxation, which she has integrated into her therapeutic approach.

General psychosomatic disorders can thus be recognized at an early stage. She offers simple solutions with holistic stress management courses. She runs international workshops and seminars for students, teachers, lecturers, employees and managers. In her work as a trainer and coach, she integrates techniques from theater dramaturgy, among other things, which lead to dynamic training sessions and valuable, active learning experiences. This makes her interactive workshops unique in terms of “learning by doing” and is highly appreciated by the participants.

She has considerable experience in a number of medical fields, including the prevention of health risks in companies or educational institutions. Furthermore,  she has 30 years of experience in commercial enterprises, financial services for banks, hotels and tourism and the aviation industry.

Keynote speaker on various topics at lectures, conferences and workshops

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 
Guest lecture on latest Neurological Results in Meditation Research

Elke has given many lectures and keynote speeches on international stages. She is a recognized expert in her field and a sought-after speaker.

College Tingkatan Enam Sri Istana, Klang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Inner Peace Programm, Da Nang, Vietnam

 - Certificates


Anil Sharma 
Relaxation Pedagugue
Motivation & Stress Management Trainer, Coach & Mentor 

Anil is a certified stress management trainer and specialized in the areas of motivation, stress reduction, burnout prevention and regeneration for salutogenesis (general health maintenance). He offers his services to employees, managers, teaching staff and students in companies and educational institutions. His attention training is a simplified method for improving or regaining inner peace and serenity. He was employed for a number of years in various countries in the Middle East and Asia, and subsequently spent over three decades in Germany, where he held a number of positions at a German credit institution and financial services provider, including that of financial analyst and currency trader.

International workshops, seminars and lectures are presented and held in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Participation in international conferences

Oct 2023 - Da Nang, Vietnam
Health and Meditation programme in a public city meeting hall

Oct 2017 Apollo Sugar Clinic, Musqat. Oman - Programmes for Medical Doctors, Nutritionists,
Therapeuts and medical staff


Certificate AGL

CEL Center for Evolutionary Learning

Certificate BEVP


L - Leadership 

E - Excellence 

G - Growth 

A - Aspiration 

C - Contribution 

Y - Yours 

Team-building seminar with golf putting

September 2019 - Seminar in Tokyo, Japan

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